This laboratory offers highly accurate and sensitive methods for quantification of expression of a plethora of genes applicable in acute and chronic stress physiological research across vertebrates. All methods were developed in an EN ISO/IEC 17025 regulated environment and validated according the requirements of the Commission Decision No. 2002/657/EC to ensure full traceability of materials and overall quality of results.

Major parameters:

HPI/HPA key genes, 11β-HSD 1 and 2, GR, MR.

Major Equipment:

  • PCR.
  • RTPCR.
  • Gel electrophoresis.
  • Bio imaging.

Research Reference codes

501FishBrainVarious genes
502FishHypothalamusVarious genes
503FishPituitaryVarious genes
504FishHead kidneyVarious genes
505FishGillVarious genes
506FishLiverVarious genes
507FishScaleVarious genes

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