Every sector is faced with challenges ranging from concerns improving the overall performance of the animals, gaining a better understanding of health related issues, optimizing feed constituents to setting requirements for welfare assessment and more sustainable production practices.

The Stress Physiology Research Group has broad experience across sectors and understands the challenges in these sectors. By offering a range of scientific services, a full package of validated analyses and expert advice regarding neuro-endocrinology and stress physiology in particular, we strive to add value across all sectors.


This sector comprises the breeding and production of animals for (human) consumption and can be divided in 5 main subsectors:

  1. Production.
  2. Breeding.
  3. Health.
  4. Integrated companies.
  5. Feed industry.


Specialized companies in breeding and trading of ornamental fish such as koi carp and can be divided in 4 main subsectors:

  1. Breeding.
  2. Traders.
  3. Public Aquaria.
  4. Sport Fishing.


Public acquaria and zoos, but also safari parks whereby animals are enclosed for educational and leisure purposes.


Governments, institutes, companies as well as others involved in fisheries, environmental protection efforts, etc. in order to quantitate the impact of anthropogenic activities on wild stocks, the climate and its consequences such as novel predators, novel animal-environment relationships, etc.