We work according to international standards

As demands regarding excellence in science keep on growing, accurate, precise and reliable analyses are pivotal in the constant pursuit of integrated and sustainable quality assurance. In this framework, the quality of all our analyses guaranteed as all are performed according the criteria of internationally recognized standards:

StandardGeneric description
5SMethodology for lab management
ISO 17025General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories
ISO 14001Environmental management requirements
ISO 45001Safety management requirements

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Highly structured workflow: from quotation to sample termination

Analysis is performed in 4 specialized laboratories:

More and detailed information on our laboratory facilities:

Innovative UPLC-MS/MS glucocorticoid profiling across species

Microbial endocrinologyBacteriaBrothUnique multi-analyte profile
Maternal transition of glucocorticoidsAll vertebratesEggUnique multi-analyte profile
Acute stress
Snap-shot of HPI/HPA
axis (re)activity
FishWhole body of larva

Unique multi-analyte profile on 1 larva

PlasmaUnique multi-analyte profile

Unique UPLC-MS/MS method on 1 ml (well) or 50 ml (tank)

AmphibianPlasmaUnique multi-analyte profile
ReptilianPlasmaUnique multi-analyte profile
AvianPlasmaUnique multi-analyte profile
Mammal (+human)PlasmaUnique multi-analyte profile
SalivaUnique multi-analyte profile
Chronic stress
Retrospective view of HPI/HPA
axis (re)activity
FishScaleFin ray, spine, otolith patented multi-analyte profile
AmphibianUnknownCurrently under research
ReptilianShed skinUnique multi-analyte profile
AvianFeatherUnique multi-analyte profile
Mammal (+human)HairUnique multi-analyte profile

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