Hereby, a selection of on-going projects that can be disclosed, each placed in the framework of the scope of the Stress Physiology Research Group.

This listing is not complete as various projects cannot be disclosed because of confidentiality agreements, patent applications, etc.

1.2 Chronic stress, target glucocorticoid receptor profiles and ligand binding kinetics

At present, none to be disclosed.

1.3 Extra-interrenal and -adrenal glucocorticoids and alternative substrates for glucocorticoid biosynthesis

At present, none to be disclosed.

2. Unravelling the impact of chronic stress across vertebrates

2.1 Management as stressor in fish farms, in ornamental fish aquaculture, in home and public aquaria, in zebrafish facilities, in amphibian and reptile terraria, in avian farms, in pig farms and in cattle farms

2.4 Pollutants as stressor

At present, none to be disclosed.

2.5 Stress in human related pathologies

At present, none to be disclosed.

3. Contributing to a more sustainable and animal welfare minded food production

3.1 Development and validation of a biosensor for on-site glucocorticoid analysis in fish scale

At present, none to be disclosed.

Other projects

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